The Moon in Astrology

The Moon in Astrology in your Birth Chart represents your feelings. It has considerable effect on your life. Actually it’s the culmination of the growth of your feeling nature through all your past lives.

Or if you don’t believe in past lives think of it this way… the feeling nature found in your DNA (hereditary material in humans). This may seem esoteric or mystical but it may be more scientific than you think.


Trading by the light of the Moon in Astrology is used by Traders. They know that statistically the phases of the Moon affect stock market prices. At the full Moon, hospital emergency wards experience an increase in patients, and crimes of violence increase…just to name a few instances of Moon lunacy!


The Moon in Astrology

The Moon is Earth’s satellite orbiting the Earth, not the Sun. It reflects the light of the Sun. The Moon controls the tides … and we humans are 70% water. It only make sense, if that is so, that the Moon certainly plays a big role in our emotional lives.

Your Moon in Astrology has a PERSONALITY and a HOME

The sign your Moon is in is like the personality of your Moon. In your Birth Chart the House the Moon is found in represents where your Moon feels the most comfortable. . . its home.

The Moon is your emotional nature. Look for the symbol of the lunar crescent on your birth chart to find your Moon sign and house position.

The Moon in Astrology represents your deepest feelings

Your Moon in Astrology can tell you a lot about your emotional instincts, habits and unconscious reactions. How you react in life situations and what makes you feel secure and safe in your life. It describes the nurturing parent in your life and how you give and receive nurturing.

The Moon in Astrology

If you happen to have your Moon and Sun in the same sign it simply means the sign traits are intensified. For example, someone with their Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer would be very feeling oriented…easily pick up other peoples moods. The Moon in a chart can explain why two people with the same Sun sign can be so unlike … so different BECAUSE their Moons are in different signs.

Welcome to the remarkable Astrology of the Moon

There is a lot to discover about your Moon sign. If you want to shed some light on your Moon and its mysteries as well as its gifts look for my next article on the Moon signs.. coming soon.

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