The Law of Attraction

The old saying “you are what you think” happens as a result of our own consciousness.  All that we think, our desires and our loves are all things we believe to be true.

This is why a change in consciousness (thinking) is absolutely necessary before one can change anything in one’s life.

One cannot change anything unless one has new ideas.

The first step is to have a burning desire to change – then you must birth the desire into a future FACT.
“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
Luke 11:5-9

How do you do this?  By assuming the feeling of your desire – what it is you want to manifest into your life – you must assume you already have what it is you want in your life.

If you do this consistently – persisting until it becomes second nature – you are then drawing Venus’s energy of the Law of Attraction – into your existence inevitably.

Whatever change you wish to achieve is always ready for an incarnation, but unless you offer it a birthing experience it is not able to be birthed.

The ANCIENT spiritual secret to achieving this is simple really…one can know something spiritually only by becoming it.  It’s like being on the Path.  One cannot travel the Path only by reading or only pondering – one must become the Path.

You must assume that you already are what you want to be and then live as though it is – even though it is not yet incarnate.

You must imagine that you are already experiencing what you want – feeling the desire until you are possessed by it while pushing all other thoughts (especially negative, and questioning ones) completely out of your consciousness.

You must believe and really believe that what you want in your life is absolutely possible otherwise it will not manifest.  The assumption of the feeling fulfilled makes it a fact.

HOW DO YOU DO THIS – it’s simply…

  1.  First begin to visualize or sense (whatever is easier for you) the picture of what it is you want to bring into your life, and concentrate intently on this.
  2. Then take on the feeling as if it actually is a fact.  Use your imagination to transform a mental image into reality.
  3. Do this repeatedly every night before you fall to sleep.  Put yourself into the situation you want to manifest – feel it, smell it, sense it, imagine it happening, be there.  Concentrate until this idea pushes out all chatter in the mind except the idea you want to manifest.

VENUS and the law of ATTRACTION

What greater gift can Venus’ Law of Attraction energy in your Chart give you than to experience in imagination what you desire to experience in reality.  And by repetition of this thought your desire will become a reality.

You are only limited by your own lack of follow thru – lack of attention to the feeling of your desire fulfilled.

If you find it not easy to concentrate try this exercise which will help you build the bridge to staying on track.

Before you go to sleep try this for a week or so before trying to manifest your desire.  Focus on the last thing you did before you got into bed and continue backwards thru your day until you reach your waking moment.  This helps develop control and the ability to concentrate your ATTENTION.

It boils down to imagining that you already are what you want to be – and already have what you want to have in your life.

There is nothing else to be done after you practice the above.  You may think there must be something else you must do but there is not.  You do nothing. The Law of Attraction takes over.

Have you ever thought about what exactly determines the events which you encounter in your life?  The answer = your very own concept of yourself.  Your built in beliefs of who you are determines your life – just as night follows day –your beliefs are realised because of your attention to them.

Persistence in thinking will result in actually experiencing that which is assumed.

However, there is one catch.  What you want to bring into your life must be something that could be feasible, something that is of a positive nature and moral.  It must feel natural if it does not then it is doomed to failure.

Over time things will begin to happen, seemingly of a coincidental nature, but you will know that it is simply the logical and inevitable effects of your well thought out imagination.