child's moon sign

About your Child’s Moon Sign

What all mom’s should know!

YOUR CHILD’S MOON SIGN signifies what your child’s most basic needs are and what a child must have to feel safe, emotionally reassured and most important happy.

The Moon in a child’s chart is the primary influence for your child’s first seven years. These first seven years are so important because they lay the emotional foundation for the rest of a child’s life. As a parent it’s really helpful to know what your child needs in these early years as it helps lay the foundation for their future happiness and wellbeing. The Moon in your Child’s Chart also shows how they experience Mother. This can be very important in understanding how you can best support your child’s needs. The Moon provides parents with a magical mirror to see your own child’s deep emotional needs, that which they cannot tell you.

After the first seven years the Moon continues to play an immensely important part for the rest of your child’s life.

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Here’s some tips on the emotional needs of each child’s moon sign

ARIES MOON Child – 21 March to 20 April

Child’s Moon SignThis child needs to be active and independent. As an infant this child may be difficult, sometimes irritable and impatient until they are allowed to move about on their own when they eventually learn to crawl and walk. They need variety as they can become bored easily. Keep this child busy with body movement and different toys that challenge him/her. However, understand that a variety of activities is what is important…no detail things. An Aries Moon child cannot handle routine and detail. Usually quick to flare a temper or irritation but quick to bounce right back and forget what just happened. To them it’s in the past…gone and forgotten. This quick to flare may continue well past the “terrible twos” so it’s important to help this child find healthy active outlets for their need to be assertive.

This child will like being first at things and also being the centre of attention. They need to be physical as this is how they really get in touch with their emotions, how they feel about something. An Aries Moon child will be very happy being a leader of other children – inspiring them to join in spontaneous physical activities. They will look for Mother to be a leader, adventurous, active, and assertive and busy never sitting still… at least some of the time.

TAURUS MOON CHILD – 20 April to 20 May

This child will be acutely tuned into the 6 senses which is how they will experience life. How things feel (satin on the edge of a blanket), how things taste (distinct food likes and dislikes) and certain smells. A desire for consistency, comfort, security and stability. This child will always associate Moms scent with a sense of security.

This child will collect things – usually beautiful things. Initially they may find it difficult to share toys with others. Here is where a parent can help this child realise the gift of giving – by giving to other children less fortunate. There may be a stubborn streak that becomes readily apparent by the age of two even earlier.

Nature soothes this child and his/her Mother will be seen as someone who cares about our planet and someone to be relied on – sensible and practical. When this child is upset Mothers gentle comforting voice soothes all – not shrill shouts.

It will not be easy to get this child to change – they need time to think and feel about it – so no use in pushing – they will come around. Food represents nourishment to this child. There is the need to monitor the type of food this child consumes making sure food is a rewarding pleasure but not unhealthy. This child will be very uncomfortable around negative emotions and this is where eating problems may occur.

GEMINI MOON CHILD – 21 May to 20 June

As a baby this child will be fascinated by toys over the crib that move and are shiny and colourful. As this child grows he/she will bombard you with WHY this and WHY that – very inquisitive. They have a need to know things – a lot of things – and therefore will be curious. This child will find it difficult to know and identify their feelings. This is where a parent can recognize this and help the child to understand different feelings.

A Gemini Moon child needs constant change and will get bored very easily and therefore needs stimulation. Toys that move not just a toy that sits and does nothing will appeal. Even fav food can change from one day to another confusing parents.

Mother will be seen as someone who is very communicative and interested in a lot of different things which this child will find fascinating.

This child will have plenty of mental energy and often great mimics and comics. There is a changeable quality prevalent at an early age – this curiosity and independence should be encouraged by parents. As this child grows education will be essential for emotional nourishment – a thirst to continue to learn. And to learn different things not just one thing. There will always be the need to feel understood and safe.

CANCER MOON CHILD – 22 June to 22 July

Child’s Moon SignMother will be a big influence with this child all his/her life. Memories will be important – help this child to create a scrap book of memories depicting life (especially family) from early age on. And because memories hold so much warmth and feelings this child will find it difficult if things are changed. For example Christmas holidays spent at Grandmas and then the family holiday away for a few days. If this routine changes this child (as well as when they become an adult) will find this difficult to accept because tradition is everything…something to depend on. Sentimental to the core. A good way to express their feelings is through art and music.

This child can have big mood swings not understanding why they feel the way they do. When this happens they need to spend time alone for a while to recover…allowing them to do this will make life so much more easy for the family as they will return happy. Mom will be seen as very nurturing.

The waxing and waning of the moon affects this child emotionally and as a parent this is your best clue – as to what’s happening and how to handle the ups and downs.

LEO MOON CHILD – 23 July to 22 August

This child stands out from all others – warm, congenial, bright and the one at the centre of attention. They crave attention. They need feedback. They need hand clapping when they do something well (even if it’s only half well). As they grow drama classes give them the opportunity to shine.

This child will let you know how they feel…sometimes being a bit of a drama queen. Very sensitive and if not feeling good they have a way of withdrawing in a dignified manner. Saving face is of utmost important…something for parents to be aware of – discipline in privacy is far more effective than in front of their little friends.

These children can cope with an emotional, loud theatrical family life. In fact Mother may show some of that drama queen aptitude. Mom will show style and pride and always presents a good image to others.

VIRGO MOON CHILD – 23 August to 22 September

This child needs to be needed and appreciated and gets emotional satisfaction from helping (telling) others what to do. This needs to be recognized by parents and helped to tone down as they grow. Giving this child a pet can be very helpful in providing the child with a sense of caring for the needs of the pet. A Virgo Moon child has an instinctive sense of understanding animal behaviour and needs.

This sensitive child will like stuffed animals that they can relate to… ie. dog or cat etc. They are not quite ready for unicorns. Their health is connected to their emotions especially their digestion. They can be fussy with their food so it’s a good idea for parents to be aware of the sensitivity to food this little one has and will have all their life. Keeping their diet simple and healthy is the best way to satisfy a sensitive stomach.

This child can be very critical of self as well as others. Mother may be a perfectionist. This child will want to learn from Mother so Mom needs to be aware of this not allowing the child to fall into criticizing what he/she does if it does not meet the standards of perfection. Nothing in life is perfect. Failing to achieve something is the only way to learn. As a parent being aware of any critical comment to this child will affect them tremendously – resulting in the child feeling they are not good enough etc.

Moon in Virgo can often be so concerned with the details of something that they cannot see the big picture. Give them craft projects to concentrate on which gives them the opportunity to develop skills.

LIBRA MOON CHILD – 23 September to 22 October

Child’s Moon SignThis child will be exceptionally attuned to the feelings in the family and will often take the role of peace-maker in any parental/family drama…this will be seen in a very early age in various ways. They need peaceful surroundings.

They feel best in a home environment that expresses the arts as part of the family life. The surroundings also need to be pleasing to the eye and comfortable…especially their bedroom.

They need to be listened to – to talk – to exchange ideas. They also do well with a sibling – there is a feeling of wanting to be with another. They tend to compare themselves with others and find fairness is a must in all relationships. Often this child is very graceful and has a sense of how to dress. Mother is seen in this way…graceful, fair, artistic and charming.

SCORPIO MOON CHILD – 23 October to 21 November

This child even as a baby will be aware of any emotional undercurrents in the home – and this sensitivity continues the rest of their lives. As a little one they will be intrigued with anything that represents a mystery or a secret. But as a parent you need to be aware that your little one will have a need to keep secrets – it’s not lying it’s just an emotional need for privacy.

Here is the one child who can survive on crisis – the emotional highs and lows tend to help them grow. Parents may find this exhausting but it’s just that we all feel differently and this child needs to feel deeply. Mom may need to explain this to the child when they are a little older to understand, because this child will instinctively expect everyone feels as they do. It will also be important for parents to direct this child into avenues of expressing their deep feelings in a positive way…ie art or anything they can investigate really get interested in.

If this child is disturbed by the unspoken emotional element of the family these feelings can affect their health – what they think/feel affects their health. Sometimes this is used to get undivided attention from the family. As parents being aware of this sensitive little one can help direct the emotions into healthy activities.

Often these children have nightmares or believe ghosties are in their bedrooms. If leaving the light on helps soothe them – then do it. Treat these feelings seriously without making them feel that they are not being believed…they will outgrow this.

This child needs to know its ok to have strong feelings and that they can learn skills to handle them effectively and positively in their lives. Mom may be seen as emotional, dramatic, loyal and above all honest.

SAGGITARIUS MOON CHILD – 22 November to 21 December

This child needs to be able to move around, needs adventure. Small things may be exaggerated to enormous wonderful stories that have nothing to do with the truth. And this is ok as a child. Often this child will have a natural talent for sports, not necessarily dancing as often they have two left feet when trying to be delicate. But on the football or basketball court – another story.

This child will feel at home around other cultures and a trip away from home really excites and makes them happy – they make good travellers. Mother may be religious and spiritual and will encourage an inquisitive approach to the philosophy of life.

Emotions of others, especially family can make this child feel very uncomfortable. They will seek solitude and try to ignore the problem and this is how they resolve problems and take care of themselves. Parents can help them learn to resolve issues in a warm, kind understanding way rather than removing themselves from the issue.

CAPRICORN MOON CHILD – 21 December to 19 January

Child’s Moon SignThis child is older than their years. They often appear to be very reserved. If this child is told they will go to the park on Saturday try your best to fulfil this otherwise you will have a very disappointed, withdrawn child. They need predictability and traditional values.

Mother will be perceived as responsible, predictable, serious, reliable and capable of managing the home with ease. Therefore the child will be encouraged by Mom to not be dependant but to be able to take care of themselves. Sometimes even taking a parental role with siblings.

This child matures early and enjoys organizing projects such as alphabetising their toys… or putting them in categories. They usually can get along really well with older people such as an Aunt or grandparent.

This child needs affection, they may not find it easy to give affection to others but they respond well to receiving them. Therefore they appreciate gifts.

AQUARIUS MOON CHILD – 20 January to 18 February

This child is unpredictable… either emotional or very distant. They acquire and need lots of friends. Usually adapts to school well, but may rebel to unreasonable (their opinion) authority. They easily can break rules and are very innovative. Often referred to as a rebel, but well liked. They march to a different tune from other children and may feel they don’t fit in, but have a strong need to feel they do fit it.

Give this child toys that encourage their inventiveness. They are born with a touch of genius, quirky habits and the need to nurture a pet.

Mother is experienced as being very eccentric, intuitive, distant and artistic. These children are different and they feel different from others. They should be encouraged to accept this and recognize it is a gift as they see things others do not…they foresee the future. They will demonstrate a strong humanitarian awareness early in life and this should be encouraged.

PISCES MOON CHILD – 19 February to 20 March

This child is highly sensitive, imaginative and impressionable. Parents should encourage their imagination and anything that’s creative. These children pick up others emotional feelings and don’t recognise that this is happening. If these feelings are negative you will see your child retreat to their bedroom to recover, and this is ok, they need times to escape.

A Pisces Moon child may often seem that they are off with the fairies AND sometimes they are and yes this is ok too. They will come around sooner than you think. Their imagination is important and needs to be nourished. They are very impressionable and do not understand boundaries. This is where parents can gently help the child to recognize these boundaries – because they certainly won’t.

This child may seem a bit dreamy at times, but they know exactly what’s going on…most of the time that is. Mom may be seen as being very creative and feeling oriented.