The use of Astrology has been found in most ancient cultures all over the world. Astrology is a spiritual science. It involves energies of the entire universe outside of you and the personal universe within where you feel, think and act in your own unique way.

This is what the Birth Chart shows – energy patterns – and this is what an Astrologer interprets.

Astrology Readings may be booked in person at my office in Carey Bay (next to Toronto) NSW, Australia for any reading listed below or via ZOOM or on a CD and mailed to you. Some reports may be typed and mailed.

Below are the different types of Astrology Readings I offer.

Astrology Readings
Astrology Readings Sharon PearlI have known Karen for nearly 15 years. In that time I have enjoyed 3 of her Astrology courses. She is a wonderful teacher who makes Astrology clear and easy to apply to your own life. I have also had my Birth Chart and Solar Return charts done which have been very helpful in helping me understand and manage aspects of my life. Some of my clients have also been to Karen and been happy with the readings.

Sharon Pearl / Colon Hydrotherapist

Types of Astrology Readings

Birth Chart Reading

Yearly Transit Astrology Readings