Astrology Readings

I offer Personal Consultations, Birth Chart Readings, Yearly Transit Readings, Esoteric (Soul Purpose) Readings, One Question Readings, and Astrology Reports.

Astrology Reports

The Astrology Reports are beautifully prepared with lovely graphics and make terrific gifts. They are also revealing and enlightening!

Astrology Classes

Take an astrology class with me. Topics include Intro to Ancient Wisdom and Astrology, Intro to Astrology and Mythological Astrology.

About Karen Kay Pearson

Learn about astrology with these informative and helpful Articles on topics such as the Moon, Star Signs, Planets and Houses.

Hi. Welcome to my website, Astrology with Karen. My name is Karen Kay Pearson, and I’m a professional Astrologer and Teacher. I’ve been a student and teacher of Astrology AND Ancient Wisdom (sacred knowledge passed down thru the ages) for more than 30 years. Traditional Astrology represents the needs of the personality. Esoteric Astrology which comes from Ancient Wisdom teachings represents the needs of the Soul.

If you are looking for answers or just curious about Astrology please take a look around. I offer astrology readings, astrology classes and astrology articles of interest. Astrology offers many benefits … a greater understanding of self, helpful information about the future and most important Astrology can offer a sense of empowerment.

Welcome to my world … go ahead see what is on offer.

Karen Kay Pearson